June 23, 2013

Back in Germany!

It took me a while to really realize that I'm back but now it truely feels like I've never left the country. I came back this friday around 11:00am and it was the most awesome thing ever to walk out of that airport gate and see me family standing there waiting for me to finally come home. I started crying like a baby and didn't even realize what was going on around me but my sister was the first one that hugged me and wouldn't let go. Everyone was there and it meant so much to me. The same day my family planned a party for me and most of my friends and loved ones were there. That's were the pictures were taken. My sister and my step-brother made the banner for me which I think is super adorable. My friends and I are in the picture on the left and for everyone who is wondering who the old dude in the right picture is, just kidding, that's my dad! I had a great time back home so far and I have millions of pictures to edit from New York City to show y'all! There coming up!



Hanna said...

Ich habe dein Blog jetzt über das Jahr in dem du in Texas warst verfolgt und es hat mich echt beeindruckt !
Du machst Super schöne Bilder und hast mich inspiriert dazu auch einen Auslands Blog über mein Aufenthalt nächstes Jahr in Kanada zu schreiben :) ❤
Liebe Grüße Hanna :)

Nini said...

ist ja super süß von deinen Freunden und deiner Family! :)