August 15, 2013

New Haircut

I cut my hair guys! It really is a big step for me and I finally did it! So proud of myself haha. I cut off 40 cm! Let me know what you think!

Ich habe es getan! Meine Haare sind ab! Es ist so ungewohnt! 40 cm habe ich gelassen! Was denkt ihr, gefällt’s euch? 


Eva said...

super schön! :)

greta. said...

wow! das sieht soo schön aus! steht dir meegaaa gut.

Léa said...

Sosososososos schön! :)

Iva said...

OH MY GOOOOD ! ARE YOU CRAZY ?! I've been waiting all my life for such a length (And I still don't have it ! Fuck it !)

But at least the new one fits you pretty well ;-) Ahah just kidding, it's really lovely !