August 1, 2013

Why I blog

Dress- Max Studio/ Blouse- Zara/ Necklace- H&M/ Rings- Kohl's/ Bag- Wet Seal/ 

I never really thought about the reason why I blog. But yesterday I started thinking about this question and decided to share my thoughts with you. Ever since I started it was something special to me that I wanted to do not only for myself but to share my thoughts and inspiration.  It’s been a way to connect with people that have the same interests than I do! I get to know so many great people who encourage me every day for what I do.  The blogging community is friendly, encouraging, and genuinely cheering for you to succeed. At first it took me a while to get used to English but since I went to the states it’s so much easier to me to write in English instead of German. I was looking through my blog the other day and read some of my older posts and I realized that my ability to write improved so much! I wasn’t always really confident about myself but blogging helped me to be more confident and accept who I am. I quickly realized that I do live an important life with a unique view and have something to offer others. Everyone likes to recommend something we found beneficial and enjoyable.  The fullness of joy is not experienced until we have shared that joy with others. My blog provides an opportunity to do that very thing for me. It provides a platform to share the joy we have experienced and recommend good things we have discovered to others. Every positiv feedback I receive makes me smile and happy and proofs to myself that this is what I want to do, that this is something I enjoy. I guess I can really say that I’m proud of myself, my improvements and my accomplishments. 

Even though I enjoy blogging so much I don’t see myself on justbeeingyou anymore. It’s not…me! Changes are going to come and once the website is all set I will have a huge give-away! And trust me guys you will like the prizes as much as I do! 

Hope you guys like the look as much as my blabber!


Caty said...

Deine Gründe kann ich gut nachvollziehen, über sowas denke ich auch öfters nach :) aber ich fände es dennoch gut, wenn du Englisch und Deutsch schreiben würdest, weil ich es irgendwie schon anstrengender finde einen Blog auf englisch zu lesen, besonders weil ich denke, dass die meisten Leser ja dennoch deutsch sind.. dein Outfit ist hübsch=)

Vera said...

deine Bluse ist toll :)