May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's day!

Dress- Forever21/ Purse- Kohl's/ Rings- HK/ Necklace- Forever21/ 

Sun gets hot, hair gets lighter, skin gets darker summer is on the way! And it's getting hot down here in Texas! I'm ready for it! Can't wait! I've been practicing a lot recently to get in shape for summer but it seems like it's not really working out.. haha thank you american food.. appreciate it... NOT! School is going awesome and I have 26 days of school left! I really can't believe that the time flew by that fast. It  really feels like I just got here yesterday and now it's almost time to leave... it's gonna be hard but I'm just soo super excited for my little trip to NYC! Sorry for annoying y'all with that. blablabla every post the same. Anyway I finally mastered some new hair styles! This is one of my new favorites.. the rope braid! Super easy and it looks so fancy and everyone always asks me how I did it! We're starting our finals tomorrow so Ireally gotta go now and study a little. Happy mothers day to all the mothers out there!